So glad you could make it…!

Welcome to the new home of the OH TV Series Brides and Prejudice.

This site provides all you ever needed to know about the Documentaries and the team who helped bring them to your screens.

We will be updating the info on here regularly so keep checking back for more blogs, advice and Dating Tips for those going through the Relationship Jungle.

Look forward to Seeing you soon!

About Brooksy

Writer, Producer, Director and Blogger extra-ordinaire! Loves London, loves romance and loves her bike! Still looking to find someone to share all the above with...
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3 Responses to So glad you could make it…!

  1. Welcome says:

    Welcome to the New Brides and Prejudice Website.

    Currently this site is under Construction so in the meantime feel free to sign up to or

    and post your comments about the series and contributors there.

    Keep checking back as we’ll be online soon.

  2. E.Ssenkaayi says:

    Hi,i watched your show today and i found it so insipiring.Like you,am a black woman who is successful and not bad to look at,but finding that Mr. Right is a nightmare in this cosmopolitan city of ours.I found your show very funy at times of how to achieve this tusk.And like you,i have always wondered why all these successful brothers tend to always get a nice blond girl as their wives.Is it because we are not good enough for these brothers or are they trying to tell us something.It doesnt make me a racist,but am hurt when i see our men dissing us for these sisters.We are the minority here yet these girls take all the respectable men in our society.I cant wait to see you achieve this goal you have embarked on finding that right one.Wish you the best on your future programs.From your sister Elizabeth

    • Brooksy says:

      Thanks you so much for your kind words of encouragement Elizabeth. Hopefully i can keep working on myself until the “Right Man” comes along.

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