Angry Black Woman!

I was coming home from Shepherd’s Bush on Monday and encountered a lady on her mobile loudly lamenting her hair dilemmas to her friend on the line, and this is a response to her (very public) telephone call.

Angry Black Woman, (on the 95)

Angry Black Woman, I feel your pain ,

Angry Black Woman you’re not to blame

For the curious looks and raised eyebrows you caused.

T’was never you who started these wars,

T’was not “your beef” Twas not your “Sin”

And yet you search and search within.

Well when you do, see the beauty that lies within.

And when you do you must believe

Though your Mum and your Man say, “get a weave!”

That though they know and say they love you

They are limited and stilted and cannot forecast You.

They cannot look past the external view

Of kinky, nappy and thickened ‘fro.

To your naked ambition, and where you will go.

I too was shocked when I heard your plight,

As you spoke on the bus (it was late at night),

And passengers and shoppers tried to alight

But I stopped and I craned to improve my sight.

With your passion, your anger, I was fascinated by you.

You were forthright and earnest and spoke what was true

And good on you girl for bucking the trend,

For not “needing” a weave, you don’t need to pretend

To be something you’re not in your search to ascend

To the heights of the high, in your business or life

That job may not be Yours, you may not be his Wife.

Your Passion, Your Anger, Your Venom, Your Fire

Showed you were a Sister with real hope and desire

To interrupt the mainstream and short-circuit the “flow”

I wanted to tell you, “You’re beautiful, just so”

You are dusky and dark and kinky and fierce

In truth and honesty, look not to your peers.

Look to The Cleo, The Foxy, The Past,

Your hair is your beauty and long may it last!

Look to the Icons who wore epic hair with Glory,

And when you’ve done keep looking cos’ they are Your story.

Michelle Brooks
Copyright September 2nd 2014

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