About The Series

Featuring the latest experts in affairs of the heart Brides and Prejudice reached cult status in the Black Community and the team are currently working on a follow up show for 2015.


Michelle Brooks trained as an actress at Rose Bruford Drama School before undertaking a Media Production Degree and starting her fourteen year career –behind the cameras- in TV. She’s worked for BBC Entertainment Features, Drama and BBC Broadcast before more recently turning her talents to Promos for the Production Company Red Bee Media, Community Channel and Blockbuster Video on Demand.

In 2009 Michelle made the leap and became a freelance Producer and Brides and Prejudice is her first full length documentary series.



We’ve had many guests over the years and here is where we will list info on them and keep adding new ones as they arrive.

Patrick Augustus is a world reknown Musician and Author of the Famous Babyfather books that were adapted for the Screen by BBC Drama in the nineties. He now works with the Baby Father Initiative. The project seeks to support practitioners to better support men fathers and male carers?

The BabyFather Initiative has worked with a large number of fathers, especially those considered hard to reach. We also supply training and consultancy services direct to professionals who work to support children, families, men, fathers and male carers.


Jean Smith is a social and cultural anthropologist. Jean’s work involves studying and commenting on human behaviour, body language, human interaction and relationships. She holds degrees in cultural anthropology and social anthropology. Flirtology offers the following services.


Des O’Connor is a Dating and Life Coaching Specialist who is dedicated to providing Single Black Women with simple, proven tools and resources on how they can find and attract a Good Black Man into their lives. He has held successful workshops and seminars over the last year where hundreds of single black men and women have come to connect together.


Pastor Dave Daniel is the Worship leader at the People’s Christian Fellowship in London. He is instrumental in connecting Single members and helping them to find love.

Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, are Founders of  the online Media Resource, Black and Married with Kids.com and Producers of the films, Happily Ever After and You Saved Me.


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2 Responses to About The Series

  1. i luv ur show and always don’t forgive my self if i miss it.its very interesting how you touch and go about issues on our everyday life so far us love is concerned.one thing is the classical music used at the background its very good and i love it,i want the biggest favour by helping me to get it.thanks and love you.

  2. Ntombiyotabo(Tabo) says:

    l was watching the prgrmme on TV, and l just thought of myself because am one of those who cannot approach a man , l think l lack courage or confidance. l wud love to have a man who will appreciate me for who l am, but its so difficult at my age.

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